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Stock market: A big wave of good news is coming!

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After the Dragon Boat Festival, the Chinese stock market can be described as twists and turns.

The stock market is first waved a five-day losing streak, so you don't want to see the falling face of the stock market. The stock index is "shameful and brave". The stock market rose sharply on June 11, and the Shanghai Composite Index stood firm above the annual line. That kind of heart is back!

After the rise on June 11, the market was clearly plunged into shock consolidation, and individual stocks were highlighted.

In the short-term, the A-share market will still have repeated, but the current A-share market seems to have entered the period of strategic allocation.

Of course, simply judging the future trend of the stock market from these days' markets, it is too superficial, we think from the following three aspects.

01 Pulling the economy has new tricks

New move 1: "Special bond new regulations" released

On June 10, the Notice on Doing a Good Job of Local Government Special Bond Issuance and Project Supporting Financing was released.

This is a coup!

We know that local debt is divided into "ordinary local debt" and "special local debt"; ordinary local debt has a non-profit nature, and the latter has a profit requirement.

The "Special Debt New Regulations" pointed out that projects that are in line with the national policy and can play a major role in demonstrating the national economy and people's livelihood can be used as "project capital."

At the same time, “a certain project with a certain income and repayment of the principal and interest of the bond will be transferred to the financial institution.”