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leader's speech

leader's speech

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  Innovate the business model, embrace the Internet, implant social e-commerce, make good use of the supply chain, and realize the integration of products; innovate the marketing model, use modern new ideas and advanced marketing models to develop markets and marketing products; carry out technological and industrial upgrades, The market produces high-tech (high-quality), low-cost (low-price), high-value (cultural) products; the tertiary industry (by the market) leads the direction of resource allocation, and leads the primary production and secondary production to develop in depth. Form a dynamic integration of the entire industry chain to achieve balanced development of the integration of the three industries.

  The integration of agriculture and the three industries is the product of structural reforms on the supply side of agriculture. As an industry leader, Sanmenxia Lerenjia Food Co., Ltd. took the lead in planting, research and development, and industrial deep processing in accordance with the State Council's guidance on promoting the integration and development of rural industries On the basis of market demand and logistics and trade-oriented, we strive to build a modern industrial system that integrates the primary and secondary industries of agriculture. The company's primary industry is characterized by the cultivation of oil peony, walnut, ingot maple, etc. Deepen the industrial chain to the secondary industry, and develop innovative and extended production based on the production of food. The company's primary industry's planting bases are located in Hubin District, Lingbao City, Shanzhou District, Wuchi County, Yima, Sanmenxia City 12 counties (urban areas) including Yiyang County, Xin'an County, Yanshi City, Luoning County, Ruyang County, Yibin District, Longhua County, Chengde City, Hebei Province, Luoyang City. With the growth of peony and walnut trees, the economic, social, and ecological benefits it produces gradually become prominent, and the value is considerable. In particular, the effect is obvious in helping local poverty alleviation efforts. The company has driven the local farmers to become industrial workers, and the number of industrial workers exceeds 6,000 per year, leading 300 poor families out of poverty. The company's planting bases are basically in the field. After the planting raw materials are harvested in the season, they are transported to the Sanmenxia headquarters for processing. These raw materials do not generate taxes locally, and the taxes are completely retained in Sanmenxia. The company made use of cultivated land resources in the field to make up for the lack of arable land in Sanmenxia and contribute to the economic development of Sanmenxia.

  The company's secondary industry's industrial processing has begun to take shape. The construction area of ​​the Sanmenxia headquarters plant exceeds 120,000 square meters, with nearly 20 sets of equipment, complete supporting facilities, and first-class research and development capabilities. The company has more than 400 products that have obtained administrative licenses and have independent production capabilities, covering eight major categories (food, special foods, beverages).

  The company's tertiary industry has developed rapidly, with logistics control centers, e-commerce centers, etc., 15 marketing operations centers across the country, and offices in Beijing, Xi'an and Chengdu. The company has a perfect information disclosure system and online marketing platform. The tertiary business is mainly carried out at the headquarters of 911. The scope of sales and operation licenses involves 23 categories (see the business scope of the business license for details). Completed more than a dozen products. In terms of the tertiary industry service industry, the company is developing smart agricultural technology and a 24-hour visual traceability system that can connect producers, consumers, investors, experts and scholars, service providers and entrepreneurs. The imagination space, through the construction of consumption, experience, display, management and other scenes, constitutes a self-circulating ecosystem of objects and people, from the agricultural product base to food, accommodation, travel, tourism, entertainment, purchase and other aspects to form a visible with consumers Integration to realize the materialization of agricultural supply chain and consumer market.

  Through our company's in-depth research on policies and theories and extensive market research, combined with the company's actual situation, the company will vigorously promote the sharing economic development and implement market-driven strategies, and further strengthen the determination and confidence to take the new retail marketization path.

  Take the sharing economy as the general guide, the Internet as the general leader, and the social e-commerce as a tool to enlarge and strengthen the industrial chain and circular economy to form efficient market operations (internetization) and quality of manufactured products (high technology) Content), customer consumption is cultural, raw materials are guaranteed (primary production bases provide raw materials), industrial development is a modernized "three industries integration" integrated agricultural industrial chain integrated enterprise.