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Sanmenxia Lerenjia Food Co., Ltd. was established on December 30, 2014 with a registered capital of 20 million yuan. It is located in the first branch of Jiaokou Industrial Park in Hubin District. The company's business scope mainly covers the development of pre-packaged food, beverages and tea and related products. Production and sales. The company's total assets are 200 million yuan, and the company has 290 fixed employees. The factory covers an area of ​​515.37 mu.

The company integrates agricultural planting research and development, industrial deep processing and logistics trade into an agricultural “three-product integration” industrial group. It is located in the western Henan area of ​​the Yellow River Golden Triangle. The company has integrated office buildings, staff apartment buildings, standardized workshops and supporting facilities. The total construction area is about 120,000 square meters. It is equipped with provincial R&D center, standardized testing center, steam supply center, power supply center, pilot research and development experimental center, logistics distribution center and e-commerce center. It has formed a complete R&D inspection operation system and marketing. Supply system. The company's subsidiaries have 16 technical achievements and more than 100 food batch numbers. The company has 12 production lines in 10 major industrial forms: mainly producing liquid beverages, food, health food, and more than 400 kinds of products.

The company also has a logistics control center, an e-commerce center, and 15 marketing operation centers across the country. It has three offices including Beijing Office, Xi'an Office and Chengdu Office. It has a complete information disclosure system and an online marketing platform. The business is mainly carried out at the Sanmenxia headquarters.

The company has verified the various physical and chemical documents and inspection reports of raw materials from the cultivation and processing of raw materials to the physical and chemical indicators of semi-finished products and finished products, and the microbiological indicators are layer-by-layer, interlocking and meticulous, ensuring all products. They are all safe and reliable. The Group is a labor-intensive enterprise group, mainly engaged in planting, production and processing. It has great advantages in absorbing employment. First, in the agricultural planting and forestry development sector, we spend tens of millions of yuan in labor costs each year to give back to the people. Arranged 6,000 seasonal workers employment, farmers turned into more than 1,000 industrial workers; Second, our second industrial processing sector absorbed thousands of social workers employment; third, now full-time engaged in the Group's product marketing staff more than 300 people. In short, the population directly indirectly benefiting from the employment and employment of the Group is nearly 10,000. With the further development and expansion of the agricultural planting sector and the industrial processing sector, more farmers and families will benefit from our employment system. The Group will become an excellent agricultural industrialization group focusing on agricultural “three-product integration” and will become a green health industry group featuring ecological and organic based on large-scale agriculture.

We strengthen industrial development, planning, innovation, and growth, and promote our brand. After repeated market research and theoretical research, according to the actual situation of our company, we believe that the way out is to implement the market-driven strategy and resolve to go deep into the market. The road to change is to carry out marketing model innovation, develop markets and marketing products with new retail and social e-commerce models. We embrace the Internet and seize the advantages of low cost, high efficiency, time and space, and quickly open mobile APP so that our customers can buy the company's genuine products without leaving their homes, and realize the whole people's purchase and the whole people's sales. Form a strong digital marketing team. Online sales this year are expected to exceed 1 billion. In the first half of the year, we have completed 4.5 billion. The online and offline multi-pronged approach has achieved the goal of a total of 1.2 billion in new retail and offline traditional business marketing revenue this year. The introduction of international brand operation talent planning talents, from the customer's point of view to enhance the brand power of the music company, let our brand become our pride.

We are confident that we will develop and develop our business. With the support of our customers, through our own unremitting efforts, we have actively opened up new marketing innovation ideas, which have gradually developed, better won the recognition of the market, and created good social and economic benefits! Say, "The sky won't fall out of pie, and hard work can make a dream come true." If we say that yesterday we are working hard and trying to enter the fast lane of rapid development. In the future, we will be more full of passion, unity, and hard work, and strive to achieve the company's brilliant growth! To achieve the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, do our meager efforts!