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On tree planting day, 2500 double season locust trees were "settled" in the plant area of the group.

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  The spring breeze and the blooming day

  When the grass grows and the warbler flies and plants trees

  The annual tree planting day comes as promised. On such a day of spring and green grass, people from all walks of life are preparing for tree planting. Today, the group company led the staff to plant trees on 50 mu of land behind the plant, where 2500 double season locust trees "settled".

  Plant a "tree of hope"

  The past and present life of Sophora japonica

  Double season Sophora japonica is a new type of Sophora japonica that can grow two seasons of Sophora japonica rice in a year. It is Lei maoduan, Secretary of goudong village, sanluli Town, Yanhu District, Yuncheng City, Shanxi Province. After 18 years, it has developed a new variety from Sophora japonica. It not only has the characteristics of sun loving, drought resistance and barren resistance, but also overcomes the defects of long growth cycle, slow yield and low yield of Sophora japonica. It has become an important way to get rid of poverty and become rich in drywall area "Fortune tree".

  Past life: Sophora japonica, perseverance, selfless dedication

  Robinia pseudoacacia, tall tree, build shade forest, protect one side. The bark, branches and leaves, buds, flowers and seeds of Sophora japonica can be used as medicine. Flowers and pods can be used as medicine to cool and astringent, stop bleeding and reduce blood pressure; leaves and root bark can be used to clear heat and detoxify, which can treat sores and poisons; wood can be used for construction; seed kernel contains starch, which can be used for wine making, paste and feed. With important garden value, ornamental value, medicinal value and economic value, it is deeply loved by the world.

  The world's love for locust trees has existed since ancient times. In ancient Chinese, Huai is connected with officials. For example, Huai refers to the position of three officials; Huai cicada refers to the position of high officials. Huai has become the symbol of the position of three officials in ancient China, which has attracted the praise of countless scholars. Because of the similarity of "Huai" and "Kui", people are looking forward to the future generations to get the Kuixing God's blessing and become officials. Huai has become a symbol of the auspicious omen of Kedi. At the beginning of Ming Dynasty, the immigration of Hongdong locust tree increased the sustenance of Huaizu.

  This life: double season locust, dry land gold, benefit one side

  The reason why Sophora japonica can get rid of its predecessor, Sophora japonica, and seek another way out is that it has become an important economic tree species in Hanyuan area. It is mainly because of its high yield and short growth cycle. Double season Sophora can harvest Sophora japonica rice twice a year, the first in the first ten days of July, the second in the middle and last ten days of September, the yield is much higher than that of Sophora japonica; double season Sophora japonica has strong early fruiting, which completely changes the history of ordinary Sophora japonica rice bearing only in seven or eight years, its new variety, mihuai 8, can bear rice in that year, and mihuai 21, can bear rice in two years; The double season Sophora tree is vigorous and grows rapidly. In the dry mountain land without water source, the grafted seedlings can reach more than 1.5 meters and the diameter at breast height of 2 years old can reach 2.5 cm. The production speed of double season Sophora tree is obviously higher than that of common Sophora tree.

  The future: Huaimi, health, benefit the Chinese people

  The economic value of Sophora japonica planting mainly comes from flower bud, namely Sophora japonica rice. Huaimi, also known as rutin, is rich in content. It is an important traditional Chinese medicine. It can dilate blood vessels, prevent cerebral apoplexy, and treat cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. It also has the functions of lowering blood pressure, blood lipid and blood sugar. Shennong materia medica classic has long listed it as the top grade. Later generations of Materia Medica have their own characteristics.

  Sanmenxia leheiren Food Co., Ltd. is a large agricultural and health industry group integrating seedling raising, planting, R & D, production, sales and service. The agricultural sector of Yichan has a planting base of nearly 200000 mu, mainly including walnut, oil peony, Acer truncatum and other agricultural and forestry crops. The plan of the year lies in spring. Every year, the plant area of the group company will carry out a new round of tree planting and greening, and at the same time, the agricultural planting base will again loosen the soil, plough, water and fertilize. Sow the seeds of hope and embrace the whole spring.

  Tree planting day - happy family every year in exchange for action green, let you have a healthy life.

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