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Do you want to own the ultimate "sesame oil"?

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My best friend recently went into the pit of essential oil. Once something is stained with the word "essential oil", she will buy it.

Xiao Bian stayed in her room for a while. She was almost vomited by the fragrance. She asked her, what kind of essential oil are you? Why are you so choking. She said a treasure, looking at cheap buy. Sure enough, poverty made me suffer.

Too many unscrupulous businesses add a lot of essence to the strong smell. There is no effect of essential oil at all, but they cheat with the name of essential oil. But real essential oil can make us feel comfortable physically and mentally. It is like the compound essential oil of peony. The compound essence of peony is a plant essence extracted from natural peony and an aromatic element of plants. It preserves the characteristics of pure plants. It has unique effects on skin, body and mind.

The main components of peony essential oil are alcohols, alkanes, esters, ketones, aromatic hydrocarbons and their derivatives, as well as a small amount of aldehydes, Pyrans, olefins and phenols. The main aroma components are phenylethanol and linalool oxide.

Essential oil has many advantages. How can we store it? We can see that essential oil is stored in glass bottles, and it will interact with various chemicals such as plastics. Therefore, proper storage of essential oil can prolong the use time. Moisture, air and light will affect the molecular composition of essential oil, so attention must be paid to avoid moisture, light and oxidation during storage. After opening and using the essential oil, the bottle cap must be tightened and stored in a cool environment below 26 ℃, away from high temperature or sunlight, so as to isolate oxygen and heat sources. Wooden boxes are most suitable for storing essential oils.

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