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Peony and pistil tea

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  In the eyes of Chinese people, tea is a kind of art, a kind of life, a kind of power that can enter the body and soul. There are many kinds of tea, such as black tea, green tea, white tea, etc. Tea is no less than food for Chinese people. Chinese people treat guests with tea and make friends with tea. Tea not only reflects the taste of Chinese people, but also more and more shows the culture and spirit of our Chinese nation.

  As Sanmao said, life is like tea. The first tea is bitter as life, the second tea is fragrant as love, and the third tea is light as breeze. Tasting tea is tasting life. So it is very important to choose a good tea.

  Peony and pistil tea, a new upstart in tea. Peony stamen tea is picked from the precious buds of peony fed by the sunshine in spring. Only the golden part of the flower bud is selected for the stamen. After more than ten processes such as picking, twisting, low-temperature drying and desensitization, the pure manual production can only harvest about 500 grams per mu. The yield is rare, and the grains are pungent and golden.

  Peony stamen is the most important part of peony. It is rich in amino acids (17%), active polysaccharides (2%), and brass compounds (0.8%). It has a very strong function of nourishing yin and tonifying kidney. By international PONY test and analysis, it is found that the peony stamen contains rare vitamin B3 as high as 120MGKG, which is the highest in all plant foods.

  Peony, stamen tea and flower seed are the most concentrated parts of peony growth. Therefore, it is the essence of peony essence, and is rich in nutrition. It is also the basis for the evolution of peony for thousands of years. Peony flower was once known as "plant gold". Peony flower stamen tea contains polysaccharides, total flavonoids, alkaloids, volatile oil, terpenoids, saponins and other bioactive components, and the content of vitamin B3 is amazing, so that peony flower stamen tea has the function of both yin and Yang.

  The taste of peony flower stamen tea is natural and pure, and the brewed tea is golden in color, soft in fragrance and elegant. In addition, the yield of peony stamens is extremely rare, so it can be called "the new rich in tea".

  Brewing method:

  1. The best soaking time for peony stamen tea is 10-20 minutes. The more times of brewing, the less the dissolution of trace elements, the lower the dissolution rate.

  2. The best brewing times of peony stamen tea were 3-4 times.

  3. High quality transparent glassware is the best for tea drinking.

  4. It can be brewed with boiling water at 90 ℃. When drinking, it is more nutritious. It is also suitable for honey or rock sugar.