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The first brand of peony industry in China

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  In recent years, peony industry as a new sunrise industry, the development momentum is more and more rapid. Especially after the introduction of the national health industry strategy, the peony industry market is heating up rapidly, and the blue ocean of 10 billion market is rising.

  In the increasingly fierce competition among industries, Luoyang Muxian Industrial Co., Ltd., which is located in Luoyang, the capital of peony, stands out among many enterprises and gradually develops into an industry unicorn. As the largest private enterprise in oil peony industry, Muxian is a company focusing on the development of peony industry. Since its establishment, it has always been committed to becoming the first brand of peony industry in China.

  Born in the birthplace of peony industry, Muxian industry takes advantage of geographical advantages and advanced technology to promote the rapid development of peony industry in China. It integrates breeding, seedling raising, planting, R & D, production, sales and service into one, forming a complete industry chain, leading the whole industry to forge ahead and make unremitting efforts to build a Chinese national brand.

  The peony industry is booming. Here, the peony is always blooming and the flowers are bright. The peony will continue to be a leader in the industry and tell the story of peony with heart

  Unicorn of Chinese peony industry

  Founded in 2015, Muxian Industrial Co., Ltd. is located in Luoyang, the ancient capital of thirteen dynasties, known as "the capital of the Millennium emperor, peony flower city". It is a peony whole industry chain enterprise group that pursues excellence, pays attention to quality and focuses on details.

  The brand story of the Peony Fairy is also full of Chinese traditional culture color, and the brand name comes from the beautiful legend of Peony Fairy. Although it is a legend, all the beautiful legends come from the folk and reflect the people's desire and sustenance.

  "Everywhere peonies are precious, precious peonies are fairies", the story of peony itself is the reflection of Chinese traditional culture, is the essence of Chinese traditional culture, charm. Meanwhile, Muxian also takes "the heart of the heart and the masses, protecting the people's health" as the brand culture of the enterprise, inherits the peony culture with Chinese characteristics, promotes the healthy development of peony ecology and benefits the people.

  As an old brand company, Muxian industry fully considers the natural environment factors of raw material planting and pays attention to the construction of raw material traceability system. It has more than 100000 Mu peony planting bases in Luoyang and Heze, which are most suitable for planting peony in China. In recent years, Muxian industry has also established a number of raw material cooperation bases in Holland, Japan and other places The industrial raw material base has reached more than 300000 mu.

  It is the treasure chest and gene bank of peony products in the world. The raw materials are authentic and excellent. Today, the homogenization of products is generally on the high side, forming the quality differentiation, which provides the absolute raw material guarantee and source for the production and processing of Muxian.

  Although it was established for a short time, it has rapidly developed into a "black horse" in the industry. Now it has grown into a leading enterprise and benchmarking enterprise in the world peony industry and a leading brand in the world peony industry.

  On December 4, Li Yucai, the "father of peony" of PetroChina and former Vice Minister of the Ministry of forestry of the people's Republic of China, came to investigate Muxian industry for the second time. As early as August, the small and medium sized business association organized think tank experts to investigate the Muxian industry in Luoyang. During this period, experts repeatedly affirmed the development status of Luoyang Muxian industry and placed high hopes on its future development.

  Li Yucai believes that oil peony has a wide range of uses from root to flower to seed to peony oil, and its suitable range is wider. Peony culture has a long history and has a very wide development space.

  It is understood that Muxian industry has invested more than 3 billion yuan to build the peony industry. It has 10 ecological supply chain production enterprises and 21 production workshops, including 12 GMP certification workshops. All of them are advanced technology and strict management of pharmaceutical and food homologous products production sites. They have achieved global raw material traceability and transparent production process management system.

  As the first brand of Chinese peony industry, Muxian industry has won many honors such as advanced unit, excellent leading enterprise and key leading enterprise. Muxian has been committed to making this industry in the vast forest of industries, to become a bright star, so that the peony industry for the benefit of the people.

  Benchmark enterprise of "three industry integration"

  At the beginning of its establishment, Muxian, with a strategic development pattern, started the overall planning and industrial layout of the whole industrial chain of peony industry. It took the lead in using the whole industry thinking to connect the upstream and downstream, integrate production, teaching and research, and integrate planting, research and development, production, sales and service into one, and jointly create a leading brand of China's peony industry chain of 100 billion level.

  From planting leisure tourism to processing and scientific research, and then to trade logistics, each node has bright spots. It has realized the whole process control from upstream peony planting, midstream scientific research and innovation, production and manufacturing to downstream retail terminals, and has created the core brand competitiveness of peony industry.

  The primary industry of Muxian industry is planting, seedling raising and poverty alleviation. The planting bases are widely distributed in Xi'an, Luoyang, Hebei, Shanxi and other places, realizing the source supply of raw materials for products, basically self-sufficient, and traceability of raw material chain, R & D chain and industrial poverty alleviation chain.

  The second industry is product technology research and development and product deep processing. Muxian industry is committed to the development of large health industry, with complete facilities, including comprehensive office building, expert building, provincial R & D center, standardized inspection and testing center, pilot R & D experimental base and up to 18 sets of various standardized production lines. Formed a complete supply chain support system, R & D inspection system, production and operation system.

  Trade, marketing and market service are the third industry of Muxian industry. Mu Xian industry has established a nationwide channel marketing and service system, and has realized chain franchise operation. The company has been combining online stores with online businesses. It has also embarked on the Internet marketing express. Online, through Tmall, Jingdong, jitter short video and many other electronic business platforms, tiktok has established close ties with consumers.

  It can be said that Luoyang Muxian has integrated the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, agglomerated the whole chain strength of peony industry, and helped the brand development of Muxian to a fast track.

  At present, there are more than 20 projects that have been built, are under construction and will be built. These projects, including the planting, deep processing, sales and eco-tourism of woody oil plants, gradually extend the deep processing of oil peony to the fields of medicine and chemical industry, daily chemical industry, food processing, nutrition and health care, tourism, ecological protection, edible fungus production, etc., to create the largest ecological Peony sightseeing area in China, to build the strongest peony industry R & D zone in China, and To form the strongest peony product processing zone in China and the most professional e-commerce platform area for peony products in the world. A kind of

  While promoting the construction of scientific research infrastructure, Luoyang Muxian also attaches great importance to breaking through technical difficulties, achieving new scientific research achievements, invigorating the diversification of products, accelerating the transformation and upgrading of peony industry, and optimizing the industrial structure adjustment. Finally, it will build a bio agricultural whole industry chain with the characteristics of primary, secondary and tertiary industries (mainly peony), and gradually transform oil-based peony into medicine and chemical industry Daily chemical industry, food processing, nutrition and health care are extended to build the first brand of peony industry in China and even in the world.

  It can be predicted that Muxian industry will be able to further expand its brand influence and popularity around the peony industry chain, and quickly become the peony industry leader in China and even the world.

  High quality products help healthy life

  The first brand must be supported by high-quality products. As the largest private enterprise in China's oil tree peony industry, Muxian industry's product forms are diverse, and the money is consistent with the great health. It strives to create a more nutritious and scientific healthy lifestyle and products for the public.

  Muxian has more than 20 patents and technical achievements, and successfully applied for more than 50 health food batch numbers to the State Food and drug administration, forming 12 series of functional food, protein beverage, health food, medical equipment, liquor, health wine, skin care products, edible oil, etc. At the same time, we have introduced authoritative nutrition and health research institutions at home and abroad, focused on the research and development of "new, unique and special" innovative products, and established a comprehensive and scientific three-dimensional matrix production system for functional food and drug food homologous products. There are more than 400 high-quality and high-tech market promotion products.

  At present, it mainly includes peony seed oil, peony essential oil, peony tea, peony peel Chinese herbal pieces, peony protein beverage, peony cosmetics, peony food, peony health food, Paeonol and peony alcohol, edible fungi, walnut oil, walnut oil, walnut and other related edible oils, health food, tea, beverage, cosmetics and other related products Production, processing and sales.

  In the selection of raw materials, Muxian adheres to the concept of "safe and effective" in the new era, uses upstream enterprises to plant and provide raw materials, adopts advanced formulas such as green plants and high-tech factors, and strictly eliminates ingredients and raw materials with any potential safety hazard. With the business philosophy of science and technology, quality first and service innovation, we are committed to R & D and production of high-end products, and set up a benchmark of high-quality products in peony industry.

  On April 18 this year, Muxian industry held a global new product conference in Beijing. On the same day, two new products, Muxian Lizhi peony walnut milk, were launched. These two new products are genuine products developed by Muxian according to the market demand. They have strong market competitiveness in terms of taste and nutritional value.

  With abundant peony raw material supply and R & D and production technology, Muxian constructs the ecological chain of peony ecological health application. It has seven production categories, including food, health food, cosmetics, medical equipment, Xiaozi brand, mask and water, involving eight industries including peony industry, walnut industry, wine industry, aquaculture industry, traditional Chinese medicine health industry, forestry industry, aquaculture industry and stem cell industry 。 To bring more nutrition, scientific and healthy lifestyle to the public.

  According to the latest news, recently, Muxian industry has also set foot in the maternal and infant industry with high profile, which has been widely concerned by the industry. At present, Muxian company is getting ready to start and enter the maternal and infant industry quickly. Next, Muxian will study hard to endow the cause of mother and infant in China.

  In the future, Muxian will further expand its influence and brand awareness, form a good reputation and image, and empower the society and consumers. On the basis of intensive cultivation in the domestic market, it has entered the foreign market and set sail on the international stage.