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"Beibingshen lemonade" with new taste of Le's family will be on the market

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  A kind of traditional product art originated from the European Court, which reappears its former brilliance in Le's family. The pioneer of fruit beverage industry in China, Le's beibing God lemonade, inherits the blend and understanding of ancient culture and new era culture, and creates a new height of lemonade products through independent research and development patents and trademark registration of beibingshen.

  Beibing God symbolizes the rich pure water resources of the Northern Kingdom and protects all the humanities, history and products of this vast land, which are closely related to nature. The introduction of lemon from southern Europe to domestic planting and development shows its unique charm. Although there are more and more kinds of drinks now, with the listing of lemonade of leper's beibingshen, it will be favored by consumers. Under the background of constant innovation of various beverage tastes, the beverage will be popular with consumers, Beibingshen lemonade is different from the traditional classic taste of beibingshen walnut milk, beibingshen herbal tea and beibingshen hot wood drink. It is made of fructose glucose syrup, concentrated lemon juice, food additives, citric acid, sodium citrate, sodium benzoate, acemi, aspartame (including phenylalanine) and other different raw materials Tao brings new taste experience to consumers, different and more levels of taste experience.

  In addition, in order to meet the launch of the new taste, beibingshen lemonade has also made a new change in the packaging, becoming more simple and generous. The overall design of the three-dimensional perspective cylinder shape makes you clear at a glance, feeling impeccable, sweet and sour, more thirst quenching, fragrant lemon shining sunshine flavor, anytime and anywhere to enjoy a good time.

  As far as lemonade is concerned, commerce and sustainable development are not two parts of each other, but two sides of an integrated system. Over the years, sustainable development has always been the original intention of Lejia company and the cornerstone of business development. In the future, Lejia's brand beibingshen lemonade will join hands with partners and all parties to continuously create and consolidate the achievements of sustainable development and create shared value for the region. At present, this product has been fully produced, packaged and put on the market, which has caused a lot of consumers' buying upsurge. Many dealers are attracted by its simple and fashionable packaging. I believe that after tasting, you will be convinced by its different taste experience. Let's look forward to it.