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  On November 28, Liu Ruifeng, Secretary of the medical mask prevention and Control Department of the company, was responsible for the investigation and control of the epidemic situation. He stressed: "we should attach great importance to safety in production, improve the emergency plan, strictly regulate all links in the production process of masks, strictly control the selection of raw materials, ensure that every mask can play a role in safety protection when it flows into the hands of the public, implement the standardized epidemic prevention and control measures, and effectively protect the people's life, health and safety.". Sun Jiwei, vice mayor, and Kang Zhenan, Secretary of the District Committee, accompanied the investigation.

  After Liu Nanchang came to the company, he went into the production workshop to check the production and operation of epidemic prevention materials such as masks. He pointed out: "we should strengthen service guarantee, do a good job in raw material reserves, ensure the normal operation of the production line, improve the level of enterprise management with modern management, actively take the market, and promote the healthy development of enterprises.".

  The group company is located in Jiaokou Industrial Park, Hubin District, Sanmenxia City. It is a whole industry chain company integrating agricultural planting, industrial deep processing and logistics trade. It is also a benchmark enterprise of agricultural "integration of three industries". Over the years, it has formed a complete energy security system, R & D testing operation system and marketing supply system.

  In 2020, facing the impact of Xinguan epidemic, the group company started the construction of emergency material support system, with an investment of 4.2 million yuan to build a production line of 100000 pieces of medical masks per day. The project was put on record on March 6, 2020. A 100000 class clean production workshop covering an area of 1600 square meters and a construction area of 1420 square meters was built, and a fully automatic plane one drag two mask machine (external ear type) bm95175 was purchased One set of mask automatic connection servo packaging machine bm-250, one ethylene oxide sterilization cabinet bm-350c, one code spraying machine e-60, as well as test and inspection equipment; supporting construction of public works, office and living facilities, etc. At present, the project has been completed. The completion of the project will not only fill the gap in the production of medical masks in the lakeside area, but also effectively alleviate the shortage of materials for epidemic prevention and control.

  The medical mask production workshop built by the group company was the largest mask supplier in China during the epidemic period this year. Whether it is sponsored by schools, hospitals, governments, nursing homes and so on, they have made great contributions. High quality non-woven fabric, high-quality melt blown cloth, 100000 class purification workshop, sterile and sterile production environment ensure that 200000 high-quality masks are supplied to the market every day, and provide a stable material reserve source for the national epidemic prevention work. In the future, we will continue to cooperate with the higher level government to contribute to the society.