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"Chinese dream, labor beauty, trade union sentiment, grassroots activities of Hubin District Federation of trade unions held in lejiaren"

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In order to enrich the cultural and sports life of employees of enterprises in the whole region, enhance the team spirit of enterprises in the area, and enhance the cohesion, charisma and creativity of trade unions, the autumn fun of enterprise employees in Hubin District in 2020 was organized by Hubin District Federation of trade unions, CO organized by the District Bureau of industry and information technology, Hubin Industrial Park Management Office and Sanmenxia Lejia Food Co., Ltd The sports meeting was held in the auditorium of Lejia Food Co., Ltd. Representatives of Lejia employees and 18 representative teams from the whole district participated in the competition, and more than 400 employees from first-line enterprises participated in the activity. This activity is divided into two parts, the first half is the sports meeting, the second half is the award-winning performance, we will play back the wonderful moment again.

The representatives of the staff of the happy family have been fighting for each other in the sports meeting and have made outstanding achievements. They won the first prize in centipede race, the second prize in dragon boat race, the second prize in the jump rope project, and the second prize in the kangaroo relay project.

             Lejiaren was selected as the excellent organization award of enterprise employees' interesting sports meeting in 2020 by Hubin District Federation of trade unions.

In recent years, the District Federation of trade unions has organized various forms of literature and art activities at the grass-roots level, focusing on the Chinese dream, eulogizing the beauty of labor, spreading the feelings of trade unions, and enriching and activating the cultural life of grass-roots workers. As the co organizer of this autumn fun sports meeting, Lele people devoted themselves to the preparatory work at the first time after receiving the notice from the superior Federation of trade unions. In order to make the event a complete success, we actively participated in the service. In the future, we will continue to do a good job in the cultural and sports activities of the staff as always, cooperate with the work of the higher level Federation of trade unions at any time, improve the comprehensive quality of the staff team, stimulate the entrepreneurial enthusiasm of the staff officers, and contribute to the construction of the "five lakeside".