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Investigation of Sanmenxia Federation of trade unions

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        Spring is good in March, and everything recovers. On March 12, Hu Jiaqun, Secretary of the Party group and executive vice chairman of Sanmenxia Federation of trade unions, and his delegation went deep into Sanmenxia lehen Food Co., Ltd. to inspect the resumption of work, accompanied by Hubin District Federation of trade unions and some senior executives of our company.
        People's livelihood, health, green, health care, these words often get people's attention. As a major health industry group and agricultural key enterprise, Sanmenxia lerenjia Food Co., Ltd. always adheres to the business philosophy of "making authentic good products, being kind and good enterprise". Especially during this year's epidemic, whether we can produce products that people can eat safely, whether we can restore production capacity smoothly and sell efficiently is a matter of concern to governments at all levels.
        In this regard, Hu Jiaqun and his party first went to our company's health food workshop to check the specific production of health food. General manager Sun said: for workshop sanitation, we carry out two times of non dead corner sterilization and disinfection in the morning and evening every day. Employees must wear masks, protective caps, gloves, protective clothing and shoe covers when entering the workshop. The raw materials of the products are displayed orderly and stored separately to avoid cross contamination. Only in this way can we ensure the green, healthy and environmental protection of the products.
        Later, Hu Jiaqun and his party visited our company's three-dimensional storage and logistics center. When they saw a variety of products, they were very pleased. He said that as a key leading enterprise at the municipal level, they must always pay attention to the national agricultural policy, use agriculture to drive the diversified development of other industries, quickly occupy the market, and as soon as possible walk out of a marketing road belonging to Le family.
        Finally, the research leaders gave full recognition to our company's epidemic prevention and control work and resumed work and resumed production, and encouraged us to continue to implement the measures of the municipal Party committee and the municipal government on epidemic prevention and control. To achieve production and marketing, epidemic prevention and control two not wrong, double promotion, for Sanmenxia Economic Development to make due contributions!