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An Wei, deputy secretary of Sanmenxia municipal Party committee and his delegation inspected the resumption of work of Sanmenxia Le family Co., Ltd

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          In order to implement the requirements of relevant resumption conditions of Sanmenxia municipal Party committee and government, the company formally resumed production on February 16, 2020. Anwei,  deputy secretary of Sanmenxia municipal Party committee and kangzhenan, Secretary of Hubin District,  visited our company to inspect the restoration work after resumption of production,  as well as the epidemic prevention and control work, and put forward relevant suggestions for its on-site guidance.
At 11:00 a.m., leaders at all levels arrived at the factory gate of the company, and the disinfector carried out disinfection and protection for their vehicles according to the regulations.
        Leaders visited the health food workshop accompanied by Chairman Wang.  Among them, mayor an is very interested in the peony series products produced by our company. He pointed out: "at present, the oil peony industry has a bright market prospect in China,  and the peony seed oil is the best edible oil in the world.  I hope we can work together to make full efforts in the oil peony industry, and make a business card of the first peony product in Sanmenxia City in the future.".
        Marketing plays an important role for any enterprise. When mayor an asked whether sales were blocked during the Spring Festival and the epidemic, chairman Wang reported: "since 2019, the company has started to promote the development of the three industry integration of large health industry, focusing on the third industry, and embracing the Internet closely. Taobao and Jingdong online store sales are increasingly prominent; the company The customer flow of Meikang's home shopping mall platform is nearly 10 million; the performance of Zhengzhou marketing department is steadily improving; the three marketing strategies have made key progress. Live broadcast, vibrato, short video online sales tiktok. Although the epidemic is raging, the company's sales have not been hindered, and online orders are still the same as before, only after today's resumption of work, the logistics can be delivered across the country. ".
        In a word, at the moment when the prevention and control of the new crown epidemic situation has entered the crucial battle, our company will obey the overall situation of the city and district work, implement all the requirements of the resumption of work, implement all the prevention and control measures, steadily restore the production capacity, make the operation of the company on the right track as soon as possible, and realize the two aspects of production marketing and epidemic prevention and control!
        After the epidemic in 2020, we will have greater development and make greater contributions to society.
        Once again, thank mayor an and Secretary Kang Zhenan for their guidance!