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Dinner party and Tea Party of development forum of lemen company in Sanmenxia

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      On December 21, 2019, organized by the company's development strategy committee, the development forum and dinner party Tea Party of Sanmenxia lerren company weresuccessfully held in the Golden Rose Hotel in Sanmenxia. 150 excellent distributors and executives from all over the country attended the meeting.   

       This forum is simple and solemn with concentrated contents. It is divided into two chapters. The first chapter is mainly for discussion. Participating dealers have conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions on a series of topics, such as justdevelopment strategy,  market development direction, building explosive products,  landing thousands of cities and thousands of stores, Internet marketing, etc. And make goals and plans for the future to achieve another leap in market sales in 2020.


       The second chapter is dinner party. The participating dealers are versatile and express their wishes for the company's future with their emotional songs and graceful dancing.   

       We have the company's leading direction, the collective entrepreneurial   achievements, the prospect of setting up in a distant place before, and the home to live in after. All of us and the distributors of Sanmenxia Le family food Co., Ltd. are full of confidence, full of spring breeze and wisdom and hands to create a brilliant tomorrow.