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We warmly welcome Professor PI Yijun and his delegation from the school of criminal justice, China University of political science and law to visit Sanmenxia lerenjia Food Co., Ltd

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  Although the north wind of Sanmenxia is cold and the cold current is rolling in winter, the warm atmosphere of Le's company to welcome your guests is particularly noticeable in the cold winter.

  At 16:00 p.m. Beijing time on December 26,the senior management team of the company welcomed several well-known experts in the legal field, including: Professor of the school of criminal justice, China University of political science and law, senior consultant of China Society of criminology, and top juvenile justice consultant, PI Yijun Professor Yue Ping, Professor of Shanghai University of political science and law, deputy director of China criminology prevention professional committee,  deputy party committee of Henan police academy Secretary: Song Guixi, director of the care committee of the college, professor and journal editor of Henan police college, vice Council of Henan society of Criminology Professor Zhai Yingfan, senior engineer of trace inspection, investigator of criminal investigation team of Henan Provincial Public Security Department, special expert of Henan Provincial Department of the Ministry of public security Professor Yao Bingyu, visiting professor of the College of criminal police, public security university, and Ms. Wang Junying, chairman of Sanmenxia lerren company Next, I will accompany you to visit the forum.   

    Accompanied by the company's senior management team, the experts visited the party building room, plant area, production workshop, staff canteen and logistics respectively Distribution center, and cordially communicated with workshop workers.  During the visit, experts also inquired about the treatment and discipline of employees The law-abiding situation, production process and other details, from time to time and Wang Junying, chairman of the board of directors, walked and exchanged the company's business environment, compliance management, etc This paper also gives some valuable suggestions.  

    After visiting the factory, the experts had a discussion with the executives and staff representatives in the conference room of the company. Finally, everyone   Experts on the state's policies and regulations on supporting private enterprises, the company's non-public party building, legal education, business environment, compliance management , company management, corporate culture, etc. were explained and commented, and put forward good suggestions and opinions. Among them, Chinese politics and law   Professor PI Yijun of the University emphasized in the symposium: "to develop the enterprise and the country through culture, any company must develop in the process of development We can't forget the original intention. The original intention is the source of the mission. The mission is the extension and sublimation of the original intention. Food enterprises must have conscience, Abide by the rules and produce products with excellent quality and high price to repay the society and consumers.


    After the meeting, Professor PI Yijun, on behalf of all the experts, presented the company with legal textbooks and inspirational calligraphy works.