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Group company set foot in maternal and infant industry

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  The group received Mr. Dai Zixiong, chairman of China Boao maternal and infant forum, chairman of maternal and child care industry alliance, and chairman of Jiajia maternal and infant group. Chairman Dai Zixiong owns 5000 maternity clubs and 5000 post natal repair platform repair shops across the country. Jiajiayuesao platform has been stationed in 2000 stores in cities across the country. Meanwhile, with the help of senior medical background and resources, the group has established The whole process of pregnancy, childbirth, childbirth, nursing, kindergarten, integrated mode of nursing.

  As a heavyweight in China's maternal and infant industry, Mr. Dai spoke highly of our business after visiting the group company. He believed that the group is a large health whole industry chain company integrating agricultural planting, industrial deep processing and logistics trade. It is a benchmark enterprise of agricultural "integration of three industries", including food, health food, cosmetics and medical equipment At present, the group company is gearing up to enter the maternal and infant industry, which has attracted extensive attention from the industry.

  In the transitional period when the domestic maternal and infant market has not yet formed, except for a few large-scale shopping malls and exclusive stores, there are almost no exclusive stores with brand effect. In some places, pregnant and infant products are still sold along with general merchandise supplies, which is not convenient to purchase and lacks a sense of security. In addition to the fact that Shenzhen Jiajia maternal and infant Technology Co., Ltd. has really formed a platform focusing on maternal and infant health, other strict measures should be taken In the sense of lattice, the products suitable for mother and baby still can't meet the market demand. Based on this, in line with the attitude of responsibility for the health of thousands of mothers and infants, we should show great love, so that all mothers and infants in the world can spend the "special period" healthily, easily and happily. In the future, the two companies will jointly develop and develop a series of products for the national health care industry.

  After visiting the group, Mr. Dai had a pleasant discussion with the senior management. Both sides are full of expectations for future cooperation. We will make great efforts to endow the cause of mother and baby in China.