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"Father of peony" Li Yucai Research Group Co., Ltd

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  In the middle of winter, although peony has gathered away its fragrance, the group company is accompanied by the arrival of a guest, but it is "spring flowers". On December 4, with the name of "father of peony" of PetroChina, Li Yucai, former Vice Minister of the Ministry of forestry, accompanied by the leaders of Sanmenxia government, visited the group company to investigate the development of agricultural industrialization and held a forum.

  This is the second time that Li Yucai has come to the group company. Since his last return to Beijing, what he never forget is still the company that vigorously develops the peony industry. As the largest enterprise in China's oil tree peony industry, peony products are in various forms and the payment is consistent with the great health. Only here will the peony always bloom and bloom brightly. We will continue to tell the story of Peony

  Group Co., Ltd. is located in the Three Gorges City, Henan Province, located in the western border of Henan Province, the junction of Henan, Shanxi and Shaanxi provinces. The landform is mainly mountainous, hilly and loess tableland, which can be described as "five mountains, four mausoleums and one branch of Sichuan". It is very suitable for seedling cultivation and long-term growth of oil peony. Muxian industry is a big health group company focusing on the research and development of oil tree peony industry. In recent years, the company has responded to the national policy to optimize the first production, strengthen the second industry, and improve the third industry. It has formed a complete energy security system, R & D detection system and marketing supply system.

  After visiting the company, the research group visited the oil peony production workshop again, and then held a forum with the company's executives. Li Yucai pointed out: "on the way to develop and strengthen the peony industry, we should plan the industry in advance, package projects, earnestly study and implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, and actively participate in policy research. For example, in terms of optimizing the planting of primary production, we should carry out integrated improvement planning on the land, use local resources to plant oil tree peony, and manage terraces with high standards. On the other hand, we can cooperate with the grass-roots village committee to focus on creating a tourist area of oil tree peony, which can not only add luster to the construction of beautiful countryside, but also reflect the significance of harmonious coexistence of oil tree peony and ecological environment.

  Since the development concept of the enterprise is to make genuine good products and to be a good enterprise, we should focus on the cultivation of the first production and the sales of the third industry. We should focus on strengthening the deep processing of the second industry, digging deeply into the value and efficacy of the oil tree peony, so as to make the peony products more sophisticated. The R & D of products is not extensive. To be practical products for the common people, we should make every product unique and irreplaceable. We should focus on improving the added value of the products, so that the peony can really support the people all over the world. In this way, the company can really be described as "thriving".

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  It's easy to do one thing, but it's hard to do only one thing in a lifetime. With the development of the peony industry's open architecture, we have been using the Internet plus oil peony customization server mode. With the support of national policies and the support of local government, it has become the mission of the group to promote the oil peony industry. The future peony industry is bound to be fragrant and colorful for Chinese people.