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10000 novel coronavirus infected Sanmenxia pneumonia mask, 180 thousand yuan worth of masks, was donated by the Sanmenxia Le people food Co., Ltd.

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   In the afternoon of February 13, 2020, the donation ceremony of the United Front Department of the CPC Sanmenxia Municipal Committee, the Municipal Federation of industry and commerce, and the municipal non-public Party Working Committee to assist in the prevention and control of the new crown epidemic was held in Sanmenxia market supervision and Administration Bureau. Our company participated in the donation as a private representative of the city. At the ceremony, Ma Shaohua, general manager of the company and deputy general manager of marketing department donated 10000 medical masks worth 180000 yuan on behalf of the company.

     If one side is in trouble, all sides should support it. In the case of novel coronavirus pneumonia in Sanmenxia, the epidemic blocking war entered a critical stage, and the shortage of control and prevention materials, our company took the initiative to shoulder social responsibility, transmit positive energy of society, help epidemic prevention and control, and make a modest contribution to win the fight against epidemic situation. Although there are not many ten thousand masks, it fully reflects our company's great love for local people. I believe that through this donation, we can help the medical workers who are not afraid to work hard and fight at the front line all day long. It is also hoped that through this donation, the whole company will be inspired to unite and work selflessly, so as to win the epidemic resistance war together with the people of the whole country, make the greatest contribution to the economic and social development of Sanmenxia, overcome the impact of the epidemic and create greater benefits as soon as possible.