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Le Renren company's 2020 meeting of "grasp new trend and lead new retail" was held

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  Good luck in the year of the rat. Just after new year's day,the factory area of Le Renjia company in Sanmenxia was decorated with colorful lights.  On January 4, 2020, with the expectation of all employees and shareholders of Le family,  the annual meeting of "grasp the new trend and lead the new retail" was finally held.  Liu Wen, the host of Liyuanchun program of Henan TV station, was invited to host the annual meeting.  The cast is very strong.  CCTV golden 100 second champion Zhang Deliang, CCTV star Cao Maojie and other famous domestic stars came to the scene to give you a wonderful performance. Nearly 1000 people from all over the country attended the meeting.  The chairman of Le family food Co., Ltd.  attended the annual meeting and delivered a new year's message.   

(Liu Wen, host of "Liyuanchun" program of Henan TV station, and the host of the company presided over the annual meeting)  


(all shareholders sang "sing for the motherland", and the annual meeting officially opened)   

 The full text of the new year's message for 2020 is as follows:   

Dear leaders, ladies and gentlemen, dear shareholders! Good afternoon, everyone!   In this new year's day, the happy family company gathered together to celebrate the Spring Festival. At this moment, what permeates our hearts is the joy of meeting new friends and meeting old friends again. Here, I would like to express my warm welcome and heartfelt thanks for your coming!   

In 2019, we will water the harvest with sweat and move forward with hard work. High quality and steady promotion of the development of big health business, with nearly ten million customers on the home platform of Meikang; steady progress of Zhengzhou Marketing Department of Le family; more than 500 daily tourists of tourism business department; and key progress of the three marketing strategies. Online trading has been successful, and the flick and short video have been launched. The CCTV advertising strategy is pressing the fast forward button. The company helps more than 100 poor households to get rid of poverty; Le family is listed successfully; these achievements condense the efforts and sweat of Le family, and demonstrate the extraordinary style and power of Le family.   

In the past year, the company strives for survival in development and development in survival. Add a group of dealers and shareholders with high trust in the company. All sectors are moving forward in an orderly and steady way, and the sense of ownership of the shareholders is enhanced. The company is regarded as its own enterprise, and the dealers are in tears and laugh when they receive the payment.   

In 2020, the company will implement the strategy of explosive products and optimize the products, upgrade the five element products iteratively, launch the new packaging in the new year, take on the responsibility of beauty value, and develop new five element, new health care and new thinking. We carry out product upgrading, equipment expansion,workshop transformation, spend a lot of money to invite high-level people to implement explosive marketing,and march into the era of high-speed development of the Internet.   

2020 is a milestone year. We need to work hard with all our hearts. The more difficult it is, the more forward it is.We need to make up for the shortcomings and lay a solid foundation. We need to firmly win the marketing strategy and the explosive landing strategy, so as to achieve the Centennial vision as scheduled. We must seize new opportunities, meet new challenges, and promote the sustainable development of the cause of Le Renren with a high sense of responsibility and mission.   

The new year has opened a new course, holding up new hopes and carrying new dreams. With the joint efforts of all colleagues, with 100 times of passion, honest work, work together to create good results!   

Let's seize the day and night to welcome the bright future of our company!   

Happy New Year!  


(New Year's message from the chairman)  

 (Mr. Wang, deputy general manager of the company, shares "2020 is unstoppable")

Wonderful moment of award party   

Market Elite Award (1)   

"Everything is not there, and the east wind is not there. They can still borrow arrows from ships. Such a miracle happens around them. We have to shoulder our responsibilities, work together, bear the heavy burden bravely, bear hardships and stand hard work, selflessly forget ourselves. We have overcome the difficulties with tenacity and noble work enthusiasm, and have won the achievements one after another.


Market Elite Award (2)   

"They think what the customers think, they are anxious about the customers, they solve the problems for the customers, they are recognized by more and more customers, their own value is also reflected in the sales performance.   

Market Elite Award (3)   

"They are excellent team elites. They are team leaders who are good at fighting with them. Each enterprising heart makes their genes outstanding. Their progress always radiates a miracle of success. Every appearance of them shows infinite power.   

Live stars sing wonderful moments at the party


(CCTV gold 100 second champion, pizza brother Zhang Deliang)   

(CCTV star Cao Maojie, Xingguang Avenue)


(face changing in Sichuan Opera)  


(instrument performance)   

(in reverse under the "black head" of Henan Opera)   

(after the performance, the company's senior executives stepped onto the stage to express cordial greetings to the performers and take a group photo)