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Under the literature and art of "China dream labor union sentiment", the grassroots entered the Hubin Industrial Park and opened the auditorium of Sanmenxia Le family food Co., Ltd

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    Literature and art is the clarion call for the progress of an era, and literature and art can best reflect the style of an era. Since the nineteen Congress, under the leadership of general secretary Xi Jinping, we have madeoutstanding achievements in the battle against poverty. Sanmenxia municipal Party committee, municipal government and leaders at all levels also always adhere to the principles of cultural poverty alleviation, spiritual poverty alleviation, literature and art under the grass-roots level, and sending plays to enterprises, fully reflecting the party and government's deep concern for enterprises and workers.  Sanmenxia, China dream labor union, December 16 The grassroots activities of the Municipal Federation of trade unions entered the auditorium of Sanmenxia Le Renjia Food Co., Ltd. in Hubin Industrial Park, bringing spiritual food and cultural holy communion to the staff of the city. Yu Jiaxi, director of Henan reporter Station of worker's daily, Han Jiqin, directorof Henan reporter Station Office of worker's daily, Hu Jiaqun, Secretary of Party group and executive vice chairman of Sanmenxia Federation of trade unions, Jia Lin, vice chairman of Sanmenxia Federation of trade unions, Liu Jianhua, director of workers culture Palace of Sanmenxia Federation of trade unions, Wang Guansong, deputy director of Hubin District People's Congress and chairman of Hubin District Federation of trade unions, Party group of Hubin District Federation of trade unions Wang Weifeng, secretary and executive vice chairman, and more than 400 front-line employees of the Industrial Park attended the event.  

    Ms. Yue Fuzhi, executive vice general manager of Sanmenxia Le's family food Co., Ltd., delivered a welcome speech:  


  Dear leaders, guests, good afternoon!  

  Welcome to the "Chinese dream, labor beauty and labor union sentiment" jointly sponsored by the Municipal Federation of trade unions and the District Federation of trade unions to express sympathy to the employees of the enterprise, to enter the lakeside industrial cluster area, and to enter Sanmenxia lerenjia Food Co., Ltd., which is not only a grand event of the enterprise, but also a fine one The feast of God culture fully reflects the concern and support of the municipal and district governments for enterprises, and the guidance and attention to the spiritual and cultural life of employees. Here, on behalf of all the employees of Sanmenxia lerenren Food Co., Ltd., I would like to express my sincere thanks and high respect to the leaders who have always attached great importance to and cared about the development of the company, and warmly welcome all the performers and the employees of the enterprises under their jurisdiction!       

   Thanks to Sanmenxia City and Hubin District Leaders for their strong support, the government has provided a good policy and business environment for the company's development. In the new journey of leapfrog development, we will continue to adhere to the principle of "making authentic products, being kind and good enterprises" ”Our business philosophy is to continuously improve the development, innovation and upgrading ability of superior products, and realize the rapid growth of the company's performance. We will devote ourselves to the operation and build Le Jia Ren into a high-quality listed company with strong sustainable growth.   

    This cultural feast will surely inspire all employees to be full of confidence and double their value creation in their respective posts.  We will also take serving the local economic development as our duty, achieving employee happiness as our goal,  adhering to the strategy of strengthening the enterprise through culture,  adhering to the construction of a harmonious enterprise, and ensuring the sustainable and healthy development of the enterprise.  We firmly believe that with your support and attention, we will make great achievements in 2020 and make new contributions to the local economic and social development.  


   The live performance was brilliant and the audience applauded one after another, which won the high recognition of all leaders and employees. The government said that in the future, it will continue to make efforts in cultural poverty alleviation and grass-roots level under literature and art, bring ideological and spiritual help to the majority of workers, and make unremitting efforts to realize the great rejuvenation of the Chinese dream.